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  • Say hi to Paul, our data scientist

    Say hi to Paul, our data scientist

    His role is ensuring data access, anywhere, anytime

You have systems, you need data

MVS is connected. Well connected. Our systems access data from private and government sources all over the world. Through our API, you can now access global records for credit, criminal, beneficial owners, corporate, employment, academic and many other records via MVS Connect. What record do you need? What country do you need it from? Send MVS Connect the request, and we'll return the result.

The access systems we built for our own requirements in the screening and verification services is now available as a bridge between your systems, and the rest of the world. MVS Connect acts as a middleman between your applications and the desired data source, allowing requests for information to deliver outcomes in near real-time, and human intervention free. 

All access is contractually controlled, and subject to the privacy laws of the country of origin and termination. Contact us to find out more about MVS Connect.

Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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