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  • Hello Sue, process optimisation expert

    Hello Sue, process optimisation expert

    Sue makes sure GateKeeper scales to galaxy class

Gatekeeper Software

GateKeeper is a purpose built solution the integrates directly to your HR solutions, Talent Management Systems, and Applicant Tracking software.

When you manage hundreds, or thousands of concurrent applicants, maintaining the integrity and timeliness of background checks, certifications and probity checks can be difficult and time consuming. Gatekeeper takes that pain away, by simplifying the automation of allocations, followups, recurring checks, and more. All from your existing systems.

With GateKeeper, you can certify and verify your applicants quickly and effectively while satisfying the requirements of hiring managers, probity rules, and your governance teams, and with minimal impact to your candidates. 

With over 100 check types built in, Gatekeeper manages compliance with global privacy laws as well as data security under ISO 27001.

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