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  • Brian, our expert in Contractor Certifications

    Brian, our expert in Contractor Certifications

    Brian has 15 years experience in contractor management

Contractor Certification

It's all about people. A lot of people. Qualified tradespeople, engineers, licenced and ready to operate. Whether you are standing up a new project, or hiring as you go, TalentScreen pre-employment check solutions for civil and infrastructure can be a seamless part of your on-boarding process. We ensure your candidates are job ready, OH&S ready, compliant and ready to go.

When you on-board for new projects, if you have high volumes, or you need a company that understands the value of current licences, qualifications and certifications, TalentScreen has a range of pre-employment checks designed to ensure you get the right people on the job - fast!

And when you need your contractors certified for Federal, Banking or Finance contracts, ask us about our portable ID, Criminal, AML, CTF and PEP certification.