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Our world-class technological excellence is based on our ongoing investment in R&D, our in-house software development team, and our belief that great customer service can only be a reflection of the systems that deliver it.


At the heart of all MVSI systems is a dedicated workflow engine and automated job routing system. We knew that automation = efficiency, and efficiency is what our client base demanded. We have some of the smartest software developers in the world working for us, who wake up every day thinking about how our systems can make life easier for our clients, and deliver a better candidate experience.    Inbound jobs are routed directly to your verifiers, who are chosen based on your industry, and the types of checks you require. When an order is accepted, system clocks start ticking and every type of check has a completion KPI, with the same sophisticated workflow engine alerting and re-routing if a check is nearing a deadline. 

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