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Who We Are

MVSI is a specialist company providing a broad range of verification services to different industries globally.

Each of our Brands represents the best of technology and human intelligence, designed to deliver turnkey solutions that deliver compliance, productivity, and risk management. 

Our solutions combine Process, Technology, and People, to deliver value reach and consistency that individual tool sets cannot. 

MVSI delivers both fully outsourced verification solutions, as well as innovative software products that scale to the largest enterprises on the planet.

Our People

We love our people, and they are our greatest asset. The team here at MVSI are some of the best in in the world, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have them onboard. Dedicated, smart, hardworking, the MVSI team have one thing in common, and that's to ensure you, the customer, has an awesome experience every time you engage with us, no matter what the reason. As we grow, we'll continue to ensure we maintain that same company culture, where the experience of every customer forms the foundation for how we think, act and deliver. 

Our Management Team

Daniel Sheahan, CEO

Daniel Sheahan, CEO

A software industry veteran, with extensive experience in compliance and regulatory affairs, Daniel has led small startups to exit, been the CEO of ASX listed company Comops Ltd, and an executive director of a Nasdaq listed Concord (ccrd). His expertise includes process improvement across finance, sales and marketing, and services/development, with a strong track record of building software companies.

Brodie Johnco, COO/CTO

Brodie Johnco, COO/CTO

Technology evangelist, analyst, and serial inventor. Brodie is focused primarily on the design and delivery of complex technical solutions, infrastructure compliance and security whilst aligning and driving strategic product development and roadmap in line with both market and customer requirements. Brodie has a long history in product management, software evangelist, and has several patents under his name.

Jeremy Short, Head of Development

Jeremy Short, Head of Development

Jeremy runs our software development team, is responsible for translating business requirements to technical specifications, ensuring maximum usability and user experience within gatekeeper. Only just short of a genius, Jeremy’s expertise across a huge variety of technologies, languages and databases is instrumental to the development of GateKeeper.

Deb Sheahan, Head of Verifications

Deb Sheahan, Head of Verifications

One of the early management team in VerifyCV, (later sold to Veda/Equifax), Deb is the founder of MVS. An industry expert and thought leader in background check services, Deb is responsible for the day to day running of the verification team, client liaison, and the design of new background checks. Deb has more than 15 years experience in HR, and in particular, pre-employment screening.

Our History

We started as a small team of verifiers in Sydney Australia, doing pre-employment screening checks. Along the way, we built some fantastic technology that allowed us to extract data from government sources, and we developed an intelligent process engine that allowed our customers to scale. As our technology became more sophisticated, the broader our ability to verify data became. 

As we expanded internationally, we realised that navigation and compliance with complex legislative governance across multiple geographies had enormous complexities, and even the most sophisticated companies at times could be challenged to maintain that compliance. And so our outsourcing division was born, where, much like when you engage an accountant, or lawyer, for specialist work, MVSI provides the same service for compliance and governance.

Our services, and the countries we service, continue to expand and if we can help you, please reach out. We understand that every client is unique, and there is no such thing as one size fits all. 


Call us today to find out more about our experiences, and how we can help you to ensure you hire the best people for your company.

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